Product updates

Workflow changes and new Timeline

Automate payment workflows for chargebacks, failed payments, and successful transactions. Assign tasks, streamline email handling, and access a revamped timeline UI.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon February 15, 2024

Payment Charge workflows

Create a workflow to automatically send tasks or create tasks for specific payment events.

  • Chargebacks Trigger: Automate the response to chargebacks by alerting the finance team with tasks & emails, prompting investigation, and initiating customer communication or dispute resolution. This rapid response can minimise financial losses and maintain customer relationships.
  • Payment Failures Trigger: Detects failed payments due to various reasons (like insufficient funds or expired cards) and automatically triggers actions such as notifying customers, offering alternative payment methods, or reprocessing payments. This helps in improving cash flow and reducing administrative tasks.
  • Payment Success Trigger: Activates upon successful payment to send payment confirmations to customers. Automating this process improves operational efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction.

Payment Charge filters

Select from the filters to go granular and apply the exact reason per each event. From chargeback reasons to direct debit failures there are multiple filters available.

Email Created workflow & Assign a user to a record

In workflows it is now possible to assign inbound communication to specific users depending on the content of the email body. The use case is for example if the customer has an email, you can now assign this to a specific user on your team to action it.

New Timeline UI

We’ve revamped the timeline for enhanced navigation, introducing updated icons and organising information based on whether it’s inbound or outbound. This layout allows for quicker access to important details. Additionally, we’ve streamlined cards for payments, invoices, and credit notes, ensuring a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

Task adjustments

As part of our ongoing initiative to improve the task management we now have the ability to add an owner to all task records. By default the task manager will assign tasks and emails to the account owner on the customer level.

But you can also set a workflow to assign a task to a specific user. The task manager will be getting a reskin in the coming weeks.

Credit Notes tab

We added a tab in the Customer Hub to view the Credit Notes related to a Customer easily:

Create NetSuite Refund

As per user request, when users get a chargeback with Adyen, Kolleno will create a Customer Refund object in NetSuite.

Automatically attach NetSuite contact to Invoice

For users that have customer contacts attached to an Invoice via a custom field, we can now set up a configuration to automatically attach the contact to the specific invoice.

Import NetSuite employees as users if linked to a Customer

As per user needs, if you have a custom field that refers a NetSuite employee ID. When this happens, Kolleno can import them as user view-only access automatically.

After that, when using workflows, you can put in the Cc or BCc field the following:


where cust_employee is the NetSuite field internal ID containing the employee ID.

Advanced CSV imported via SFTP

We built an advanced CSV importer where the user uploads very detailed files in an SFTP folder.

Allow multiple partial refunds on payment charges

For Adyen and GoCardless, the two providers that have refund implemented in Kolleno, it is now possible to do several partial refunds on the same payment charge IF refunding from the credit note.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno