Refunds, Workflows, Filters

Ron Danenberg22 Dec 20231 min

Create a refund

You can now create a refund of a payment taken via Kolleno by going to the “Payments” tab of the new Customer Hub.

  • Currently Adyen & GoCardless

Workflows Credit Notes

We can now trigger a workflow off a credit note – as requested by users.

Workflows select which contact receives the Invoice

A request from multiple users:

  1. Assign an invoice to a specific contact
  1. Decide if the specific Invoice contact is the one who should be receiving the Invoice. Please note if there are no invoice contact selected, the usual rule of sending to primary contact if existing (or the others if no primary) will be used.

Tags for Credit Notes

Dozens of new tags added for credit notes:

New Filters

We have release a bunch of new filters such as:

CREDIT NOTES – all new

INVOICES – filter by relative date


filter by the relative date the Customer was created in the ERP

total number of invoices (all including paid, unpaid, and closed)

NetSuite – automatically mark Customer contact details as primary

For the contact details at the Customer level in NetSuite, Kolleno can activate on demand an option to mark them as primary automatically.

Open API – changes to Invoice PDF

Made several changes to the Kolleno Open API:

*2023-12-20* - Ability to upload an Invoice PDF by using its source_id.

*2023-12-18* - Added endpoint to download any invoice PDF.