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Join one of our 30-minute demo webinar sessions to discover our core features and find out how to:

  • Discover how automation can save time and eliminate errors

  • Learn how to optimise communications with overdue client

  • Learn how to apply data analytics to make better informed decisions

  • Witness a live demonstration of our platform’s innovative feature

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Why attend the webinar

Explore Kolleno platform in action

Meet Your Webinar Host Webinar Speaker

Meet Your Webinar Host

Adonis Damalis, Head of Customer Success, Kolleno

He’ll provide tried-and-tested tips from our 1,000+ partners and show you how to master your daily AR challenges faster and more effectively with Kolleno.

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Meet Your Webinar Host
Is Kolleno the Right AR Management Software For You? Why choose Kolleno

Is Kolleno the Right AR Management Software For You?

Find out how Kolleno can help you to become more successful with your business:

•    All of our key features at a glance

•    Saving hours through automation

•    Building seamless AR Management processes

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Is Kolleno the Right AR Management Software For You?

See why companies choose Kolleno

  • Peace of mind: invoices are rigorously followed up on
  • 2 days of work saved per week
  • Getting time and energy back to focus on what really matters
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