Workflows, the no-code revolution for Finance Teams

Ron Danenberg16 Oct 20231 min


The new workflows allow you to create a sequence of automation that matches exactly the way your company works.

Over time, we will add numerous types of triggers and actions. Stay tuned!

New template tags

The following tags have been released:

{{ }} to get the name of the Kolleno Company account (not the Customer)

{{ company.address }} to get the address of the Kolleno Company account

A quite powerful one is that you can change any URL into a hyperlink by adding |hyperlink:’my text’ .

EXAMPLE 1 – hard-coded link

{{ ““|hyperlink:’here’ }}

It becomes the clickable word “here”, which redirects to

EXAMPLE 2 – dynamic link

{{ customer_portal.url|hyperlink:’here’ }}

It becomes the clickable word “here, which redirects to the customer portal URL. You can do this with any URL coming from a dynamic tag such as {{ payment_method.card_setup_url }} and {{payment_method.bank_account_setup_url }}

Push additional fields when creating a NetSuite payment

As per user request, when Kolleno automatically pushes back payments to NetSuite, it can pass any additional field (including customer fields coming from the NS customer) to NetSuite.

Cancel GoCardless payments automatically

A lot of the GC payments are done automatically by Kolleno. Users can also charge manually their customers accounts via Kolleno.

In both cases, it is possible the customers has paid separately. In these cases, it is important to make sure the customer does not get charged when they already paid.

As per user request, the GC payments in progress will now automatically cancel when the invoice balance changes to zero. When it is not possible because of the payment status, the user will have a notification in the Task Manager.

GoCardless sandbox

On request, the Kolleno team can generate a link for the user to connect their GC sandbox account rather than the live one. It is useful when you need to test.