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Businesses like Spray Net have used Kolleno and QuickBook's Integration to reduce their overdue balances by 48% in just 3 months.
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These companies use Kolleno and QuickBooks

Kolleno & QuickBooks clients unlock cash tied up in receivables

∼16 hours saved a week

"Switching between multiple tools and applications was time-consuming. Thanks to Kolleno, we save a significant amount of time by automating manual tasks and organising all communication in one place."

Jonathan Zafrani Managing Director, EPI Fire Protection
∼16 hours saved a week

43% reduction in overdue balance

"Tracking payments, following up on emails and managing endless paperwork is not on our to-do list anymore. Kolleno’s platform not only it automates all manual processes of chasing payments, but also provides reminders to make sure no unpaid invoice goes unnoticed."

Dov Conway Director, Armour Property Services
43% reduction in overdue balance

32% reduction in median days late

"Kolleno allows to introduce a credit control function very seamlessly by integrating with QuickBooks. It is one single hub for all communication, invoices and payments. Our finance team was able to make a great improvement on recovering overdue balances and reducing debtor days."

Dina Vaisman Director at WonderBuilds
32% reduction in median days late

Integrate with QuickBooks in 3 easy steps

Integrate with QuickBooks in 3 easy steps Official Integration
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How does the integration work?

How quick is the sync with QuickBooks?

The sync is almost instant.  Depending on the volume of data your company has, it may take from a few seconds to several minutes.

Is my financial data safe?

At all times. Kolleno is compliant and proudly certified with ISO 27001, the highest standard for information security. Your data is safely stored with us and will never use it for anything that you have not agreed to

How long does it take to integrate?

It’s seamless! You can integrate with your system in one-click. The data will start to flow shortly after and you will be able to collect your overdue balance.

What happens if I get disconnected?

It is very unlikely, but if it does, you can quickly reconnect from your Account Settings, or else you can get in touch with our Customer Success team, we are very responsive!