Product updates

Adyen integration and Tasks in Workflows

This releases bring Adyen as an option for card payments. You can now also create Tasks automatically from the Workflows.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon October 31, 2023

Adyen integration

We have released the new Adyen integration as an alternative to Stripe:

Invoices counter on Customer Payment Portal

On the Customer Payment Portal, there is a counter showing the invoices selected for payment above the payment details.

Tasks in the Workflows

It is possible to create a Task as an action in the workflows:

Check accounting platform connected in Workflows / Bulk Communications

When the accounting platform is not connected, the Workflows and Bulk Communications will not send + the admin users will get notified of the accounting platform not being connected. This is a safety feature.

Filter by payment method status

There is a new filter to filter customers by the payment methods status:

NetSuite contact details at Customer level

For users who require it, Kolleno team can activate a feature so that the email/phone number of the customers imported will be synchronized with Kolleno. The default behaviour is: Kolleno imports the contact persons linked to the customer in NetSuite.

NetSuite pre/overpayments and Credit Notes with amount remaining

Kolleno synchronizes from now on the prepayments, overpayments, and credit notes unapplied (= with amount remaining to be applied). It reflects in the Customers total balances.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno