Streamline AR Management
with GoCardless

Through direct debit and Kolleno you can reduce your overdue balance.
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Why Kolleno & GoCardless?

Why integrate? Finance tools made easy

Why integrate?

By integrating GoCardless you can further optimise your collection strategies, and accept Direct Debit, eliminating late payments. When an invoice is due, payment is automatically collected so you don’t have to chase.

Why integrate?
How it works? Collection workflows made simple

How it works?

Once you've linked your account, you can send a link to your customers where they can enter their payment details securely, authorising you to collect Direct Debit payments from their bank account. They only have to do this once.

How it works?
Reduction in overdue balance Finance Automation Results

Reduction in overdue balance

"What we loved about Kolleno is its simple integration with GoCardless and the ease of collecting payments via direct debit." Jordan Hickson, Accounts Receivable Manager at DNA Payments

Reduction in overdue balance

Integrate with GoCardless

Integrate with GoCardless Official integration
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How does the integration work?

How quick is the sync with GoCardless?

The sync is almost instant.  Depending on the volume of data your company has, it may take from a few seconds to several minutes.

How long does it take to integrate?

The sync is almost instant, but depending on the volume of data your company has, you may experience a very slight delay.

Is my financial data safe?

At all times. Kolleno is compliant and proudly certified with ISO 27001, the highest standard for information security. Your data is safely stored with us and will never use it for anything that you have not agreed to

What happens if I get disconnected?

It is very unlikely, but if it does, you can quickly reconnect from your Account Settings, or else you can get in touch with our Customer Success team, we are very responsive!