Fully automated digital seamless
late payment and collection services for SMEs

that engages with your customers without damaging your firm’s reputation

Over £10 million

of collected late payments to date for a number of great companies

£1 million

On average saved per client


Engagement success rate


Faster payments collection


Late payment management services

Kolleno offers whitelabel late payment receivable management. Our integrated technology allows you to accelerate your payments recovery cycles, resulting in better working capital, higher recovery rate and better customer care.

“We use Kolleno for all our receivables management, 121 accounts, with full transparency communication messages by having access 24/7 to a live dashboard.”


Collection services Software

Kolleno offers amicable commercial debt collection while promoting and retaining positive working relationships with your customers.

“There were cases where we were simply unable to collect debts. Hence, we tried Kolleno’s unique demand letter and final notices to recover the majority of our unpaid commercial debt through partial payments.”

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

No upfront cost

Eliminate late payment problems and have greater insights about your customers. Kolleno's branched workflow and peer reviews are built for cross functional groups of stakeholders to plan, implement and govern analytics seamlessly in parallel.



Seamless connection with your accounting software

Defining the payment processing steps

Defining collection strategy



Tailored content and collection strategy

Tailored communication channels (emails, SMS, VoiceAI)

Providing all the analytics through a user-friendly dashboard



Full payment directly into your bank account

Automated instalment payments

Partial payments


We have experience working with a variety of businesses of any size, and we specialise in the following categories:





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