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A/R Management & Collection
Streamline your workflow and prioritise easily
Payments & Reconciliation
Improve your clients payment experience
Analytics & Reporting
Full visibility into your working capital position
Credit Insights
Credit checks and clients payment analysis
Cash Forecasting
Predict your future cash position

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ROI Calculator

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Customisable solutions for your finance and credit control needs to unlock cash tied up in receivables.
Collection Workflows
Simplify and accelerate your cash collection process with our customisable, multichannel workflows. 
  • Communication templates
  • 40+ personalisation variables
  • SMS, Emails, Phone calls
  • Customisable tone of voice
AR & Clients Dashboard
One point of reference for all the customer payments and related communications management.
  • Due & Overdue breakdown
  • Aging balance snapshot
  • Customer Concentration overview
  • Average Days late insight
Daily To Dos & Reminders
Receive clear set of actions for every day and prioritize tasks easily. Get reminders once invoice becomes overdue.
  • Auto prioritised worklist
  • Tailored task creation triggers
  • Streamlined correspondence
  • Communication history view
Payment Portal
Provide your clients with an easier way of paying invoices. Supporting all the major payment methods.
  • Unique client payment links
  • All major payment methods
  • Generate account statements
  • White-labelled payment portal
Easy Set up & Usability
Integrate with your existing ERP in 3 minutes, set up a white label email and you are ready to go.
  • Integrate in one click
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Onboarding training sessions
  • Ongoing customer support
Customer Analysis
Learn about the nature of your customers. Clients ranked based on payment behaviours, giving you more control over your clients.
  • Unified view of all clients
  • Credit & Engagement insights
  • Payment behaviour trends
  • Customisable dashboards & reports
Cash Flow Management
Gain cash flow insights and future cash position. Get a better understanding of the health of your accounts receivables.
  • Cash position insights
  • Long term & short term forecasts
  • Auto-refreshed insights
  • Multiple scenarios comparison
Payment Reconciliation
Reconcile bank transactions with the corresponding invoices, facilitate the bookkeeping of your company accounts.
  • Remittance aggregation
  • Automated invoice matching
  • Automated Cash posting
  • Live bank integration

See how our customers drive impact

What we loved about Kolleno is its simple integration with Clio and the ease of payments to our clients via open banking.
David Turney, Managing Partner, Avery Law.
Kolleno is an essential part of our finance workflow. We choose Kolleno because it is easy to use and offers fast results.
Edoardo Raimondi, CFO, Talent Garden.
Kolleno’s platform is a tool every business should have to manage credit control and turn revenues into cash.
David Kearney, COO & Co-Founder, Peblo.
Before using Kolleno we had more than a million in outstanding balances that weren't paid for!
Mickey Wong, Business Operations Strategist, Yang Law.
Customer support at Kolleno is excellent, enabling us to explore new features and adopt best practices.
Ryan Dingley, Founder & Director, Dingley Marshall Lewin.
Kolleno’s platform provides a clear and simple way for clients to make payments through the digital payments portal.
Juan Brea, COO, Masur Griffitts Avidor LLP.
We were pleasantly surprised to discover the great variety of functions the platform can offer, especially trigger-based workflows.
Julien Ramenazi, Head of Client Operations, October.
We no longer spend hours drafting emails to chase debtors, thanks to the communication templates in Kolleno platform.
Tom Adam, Partner, Adam Law Group, P.A..

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Kolleno uses TLS 1.2 to encrypt your network traffic, AES-256 bit encryption to secure your data.
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