New Text Editor

Ron Danenberg05 Dec 20231 min

New Text Editor 🚀

It is finally here: the brand new beautiful text editor Kris worked super hard on.

Some of the cool features:

Insert emojis

Type a colon then search in the emojis such as:

Spell checking

When you mis-type something, you will receive an alert if the spell checker in your browser spotted something:

Smart Tags

No need to read with a bunch of double curly brackets {{ for the tags, you now see the tags as tags. Here the “First name”:

Insert Tags Directly

Either use the button, or type slash: “/”

Upload files directly

Get the fields directly from your computer, no more intermediary modal

View attached files

View the files that you have attached by clicking on the arrow icon:

and then you will see them:

Promises to Pay automatically cancel when their balance go to zero

When you make a Promise to Pay, you get a reminder on the date of the promise to pay. We made a change so that when all invoices linked to the promise to pay have their balance coming to zero before the deadline of the promise to pay, the reminder will not get created as it is now useless.

New Workflow task: add to Portfolio

This is a new task available in the workflows: automatically assign a Customer to a portfolio.

Simplified Workflows Triggers

We have simplified the workflows triggers, now split between “When an event occurs” and “When a transaction matches certain conditions”. Once you have selected one of them, you will see additional options.