Product updates

Enterprise-level integrations changes

This tech update includes a number of changes in QuickBooks and NetSuite that are entreprise-level. Improvements that are not obvious but make a difference to finance users.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon November 22, 2023

QuickBooks – merge Customers

QuickBooks has a functionality to merge Customers. Kolleno can now handle this by also merging them automatically in Kolleno.

QuickBooks payout mapping with Supplier selection

When doing the QB reconciliation setup, you can select the Supplier (list coming directly from QB) so that the Payout will have its processing fees linked to it.

Custom Filters per Company

When you are getting onboarded, we can now create custom filters for you based on the data that comes from your accounting platform.

For instance here, a “Segment” filter coming from a custom field on NetSuite:

Pull NetSuite billing account

On demand, we can pull Billing Accounts from NetSuite and import them as Customers. They are automatically linked in Kolleno to the Customer they belong to in NetSuite.

Push chargeback to NetSuite as Credit Note

When a chargeback happens in Adyen/Stripe/GoCardless, Kolleno can detect it and automatically create a Credit Note in NetSuite.

Two-ways synchronization of payments IDs with NetSuite

It is possible to synch custom fields from NetSuite with Kolleno that hold customer IDs from Adyen/Stripe/GoCardless. That way, NetSuite can be the source of truth for tech companies like that also implement payment in their apps.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno