Customer Hub 2.0

Jared Fisher30 Jan 20241 min

The customer hub has received a complete overhaul with new features and a new design.

The updates can be split into a few key sections.

– New way to communicate

– Additional tabs of information added

– Customer configuration section added


We are thrilled to introduce a new level of flexibility in managing communication within the Customer Hub. You now have the option to minimize a communication block for a full overview of the screen’s content. Alternatively, you can expand the communication block to full screen for detailed focus, or opt for a smaller view to facilitate multitasking.

Smart Fields

It is now far easier to use smart fields with 2 different ways of inserting them either by using the / or clicking the drop down titled tags. This lets you use a tag to dynamically populate fields in the email without having to type out all the information. (see blue text in image above)

Simplified Contact Management: With the introduction of Contact Positions, organising and escalating contacts is more intuitive, aiding in a more efficient collections process. Whether it’s through workflow automation or direct communication like email or SMS, you can now assign distinct roles to your contacts. Managing these positions is just a click away with the Manage Contact Positions button, making it easy to customise your contact list for greater efficiency.

Customer Hub Banner updates

Based on customer feedback highlighting the need for clarity in translating figures into actionable steps, we have upgraded the Customer Hub banner. You can now easily filter through outstanding invoices and promise to pay figures. Simply click on the totals in the banner and the system will directly take you to a pre-filtered list of relevant invoices for

Additionally, this update introduces a promise to pay status filter. This new feature is integrated throughout the application, including workflows

We’ve also updated the banner by displaying the quantity of invoices alongside total figures, providing a clearer, more comprehensive overview at a glance.