Two Factor Authentication and Bulk Actions

Ron Danenberg11 Apr 20241 min

Enforce Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

As part of our commitment to security, ensuring the privacy of your data, we introduced a feature that allows any company admin to enforce two factor authentication (2FA) to the users who have access to the company’s data.

Go to Settings -> Company Information and look for “Enforce Two-Factor Authentication“.

You can read more about it here.

Bulk Actions

You asked, we delivered! The team has worked to provide you with a way to bulk edit the records in Kolleno. Head to a table (Tasks manager, Customers, or Invoices), select the checkboxes on the left, then click on “Bulk action” in the top-right. See all options here.

Filter by Tags

The Tasks Manager has a new filter that allows you to filter the items by Tags:

Send Workflow communications as soon as possible

When you send an email or text message (SMS), instead of sending at a specific time only, you can choose to send it “as soon as possible”. It will send as soon as the trigger criteria are met without waiting.

Unapply NetSuite payments

When you receive a payment by card or direct debit, Kolleno automatically creates a Customer Payment in NetSuite. Later on, that payment could have chargeback or a late failure. Kolleno will now automatically unapply the payment from the invoice, so that the remaining balance gets reflected correctly. See here.

Historical Notes from Xero

Your Customer Success representative can activate for you a setting that will synchronize to Kolleno all the notes from your Xero invoices created in the past 24 hours. See here.

Contact Names as reference in QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks, your Customer Success representative can activate for you a feature that will use the customer’s first name and last name as the Customer’s reference. See here.

Open API

The “balance” of the Customer can be retrieved as a read-only field in the Open API.