NetSuite Tutorial | How to print a credit memo PDF in NetSuite

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this brief tutorial, we demonstrate how to download a PDF of a credit memo from NetSuite.

The process is straightforward: locate the printing icon on the top left of the page, which offers two options – ‘Print’ and ‘Print GL Impact’.

By selecting ‘Print’, you can easily obtain a PDF version of the credit memo. Additionally, the ‘Print GL Impact’ option is discussed, which is beneficial for accounting and finance professionals needing to analyse the general ledger impact of credit memos on financial statements.

The video also touches on the potential inefficiency of manually sending these PDFs to customers, and how to automate that process.

Learn how to:

– Access the desired credit memo page in NetSuite.

– Locate the printing icon on the top left corner of the page.

– Click on the printing icon and select the “Print” option.

– The system will generate a PDF version of the credit memo.

– Customize the design of the credit memo through the advanced HTML template if needed.

– Optionally, explore the “Print GL Impact” feature to include a detailed view of the general ledger impact.

– Consider automating the process of sending credit memos to customers using tools like Kolleno for efficiency.

– Review and send the generated PDF to the client for their records.

– Evaluate automation options for sending credit memos based on specific criteria such as rules, flows, events, or times.