NetSuite Tutorial | How to export Invoices PDF in NetSuite

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this tutorial, learn how to effortlessly export your NetSuite invoices to PDF for printing or saving.

Discover the three printing options available: standard print, print in customer’s local language, and print GL Impact for a detailed general ledger account impact.

Understand the importance of customizing your NetSuite instance for a professional appearance of your exported invoices.

Additionally, explore the benefits of using Kolleno, a leading SuiteApp for NetSuite, to automate invoice delivery to your customers, ensuring timely receipt.

Perfect for those looking to streamline their invoice management process!

Learn how to:

– Access invoice options: Click on invoice with print icon.

– Choose print options: Select from print, print in customer’s local, or print GL impact.

– Export as PDF: Use print option to export invoice as PDF for printing or saving.

– Customize preferences: Customize NetSuite instance for better invoice appearance.

– Understand GL impact: Learn about general ledger impact for financial accounting insights.

– Explore automation: Consider using Kolleno Suite app for automatic invoice sending to customers.