How to apply a credit memo to an invoice in NetSuite?

Ron Danenberg01:39

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to issue a credit memo, also known as a credit note, directly from a NetSuite invoice. Follow these simple steps to streamline the invoicing process.

Steps to Issue a Credit Memo

📑 Navigate to Invoices:

  • Start on the page of the invoices.
  • Select the desired invoice by clicking on it.

💲 Invoice Details:

  • View the total amount due (e.g., $9000) and the item details.

🔄 Issue Credit Memo:

  • Instead of selecting “Accept Payment,” click on “Credit.”
  • The system will automatically populate the credit memo with all the invoice information, including the total amount, customer name, period, and items.

🔢 Adjust Credit Memo:

  • If only a partial amount needs to be credited, adjust the price level, amount, or quantity accordingly.
  • This is useful when not crediting the entire invoice amount.

💾 Save Credit Memo:

  • After making the necessary adjustments, click “Save.”
  • The credit memo amount will be automatically deducted from the invoice.

Final Thoughts

Issuing a credit memo directly from a NetSuite invoice is straightforward and efficient. For more detailed tutorials and resources, visit Kolleno. Stay tuned for more helpful videos and guides.

See you in the next tutorial! 👋