NetSuite Tutorial | How to extract data from NetSuite

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this quick guide, Ron from Kolleno showcases how to effectively export data from NetSuite

Discover the key differences between exporting as CSV, Excel, or PDF, and learn why PDF might not always be your best option due to its 30-column limit.

Plus, explore a handy workaround for PDF exports using the Print option with landscape layout for optimal column visibility.

For comprehensive data needs, delve into the full CSV export feature under the setup import/export section for bulk data handling.

Learn how to:

– Access export options: Click on CSV, Excel, PDF, or print.

– Know PDF limits: Limited to 30 columns.

– Use print for large datasets: Set layout to landscape.

– Open PDF in preview: Save to computer.

– Explore ‘Setup’ section: Find import/export.

– Perform full CSV export: Get zip file.

– Analyze exported data: Open files for review.