How To Delete an Account from the Chart of Accounts in NetSuite?

Ron Danenberg01:39

This tutorial explains why some accounts in your chart of accounts cannot be deleted and offers alternatives for managing these accounts in NetSuite.

Understanding Account Deletion Restrictions


  • When trying to delete an account, you might notice there’s no option to delete or merge it.
  • NetSuite does not allow the deletion of accounts that have associated transactions. This ensures the integrity of your financial data.

Alternative: Marking Accounts as Inactive

🔄 Mark as Inactive:

  • Instead of deleting, you can mark the account as inactive. This removes it from active use while retaining it for historical records.
  • To mark an account as inactive:
    • Go to the far left column and click “Inactive.”
    • Click “Submit” to save the changes.

🔄 Reactivate an Account:

  • To mark an inactive account as active again:
    • Click on the inactive account.
    • Click “Submit” to save the changes.

Deleting an Account

🗑️ Steps to Delete:

  • Ensure the account has no associated transactions.
  • In the chart of accounts, you can delete an account by:
    • Clicking the delete option in the appropriate column, then clicking “Submit.”
    • Alternatively, edit the account, go to “Actions,” and select “Delete” or “Merge.”

Final Thoughts

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