How To Use the NetSuite Global Search Bar?

Ron Danenberg02:49

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through using the global search bar in NetSuite, a powerful tool for navigating and finding records quickly across the platform.

🔍 Accessing the Global Search Bar:

  • The global search bar is available on every page at the top of the NetSuite interface.

📂 Basic Search:

  • Type a keyword, such as “Smith,” to see all contacts, customers, and employees with “Smith” in their name.
  • The results display as record type: value. For example, customer: John Smith.

🔄 Refine Your Search:

  • Use abbreviations to narrow down results. For instance, typing c: Smith will show only contacts and customers with “Smith,” excluding employees.
  • Further refine by typing more letters, such as Cus: Smith, to see only customers.

Wildcard Search:

  • Use the percentage symbol (%) as a wildcard to replace letters. For example, searching for A%Y will find entries like “Academy,” “Acme Systems,” and any other records with “A” at the beginning and “Y” at the end.

🔧 Searching for Pages:

  • To search for a specific page, type page: followed by the page name. For example, page: customers will display pages related to customer lists.


  • Keyword Search: Typing “Smith” finds all records with “Smith.”
  • Refined Search: Typing c: Smith narrows down to contacts and customers.
  • Wildcard Search: Typing A%Y finds records with any characters between “A” and “Y.”
  • Page Search: Typing page: invoices shows pages related to invoices.

Final Thoughts

The global search bar in NetSuite is a versatile tool for quickly finding records and navigating the platform. For more tips and tricks, check out other videos from Kolleno.

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