How To Upload bulk invoices?

Ron Danenberg03:44

NetSuite Training Summary

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to bulk import invoices into NetSuite using a CSV file. We’ll start with a prepared CSV file containing our invoice data, including headers and records.

In NetSuite, we navigate to the setup menu, select ‘Import-Export,’ and then ‘Import CSV records’ to begin the process. Choosing the right import type and record type is crucial, and we’ll cover how to select the appropriate character encoding and file type for your system. 

After uploading our file, we’ll delve into the options for adding or updating records and the importance of field mapping to align CSV headers with NetSuite’s fields.

I’ll guide you through the drag-and-drop mapping process, showing how to match your data correctly. Finally, we’ll look at saving this mapping for future imports and how to troubleshoot common errors that may arise during the process. Join me for this step-by-step guide to efficiently manage your invoices in NetSuite.