NetSuite Tutorial | How to enable token based authentication (TBA)

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this instructional video, Ron guides you through the process of activating token-based authentication (TBA) in NetSuite, a feature not enabled by default.

TBA is essential for allowing client applications, whether internal systems or third-party software, secure access to a NetSuite account without disclosing the user’s password.

The activation process involves navigating to Setup ➡️ Company ➡️ Enable Features and then proceeding to the SuiteCloud tab. Within this tab, the option for token-based authentication is located under the Manager Authentication section.

This feature is highlighted as particularly beneficial for integrating various SuiteApps and other integrations, enhancing security and efficiency.

Learn how to:

– Use Token-based authentication (TBA) enables secure access for client applications.
– Access Setup > Company > Enable Features to activate TBA.
– Navigate to SuiteCloud tab and locate “Token Based Authentication” in Manage Authentication section.
– Agree to agreements and save to activate TBA.
– Verify activation in Enable Features > SuiteCloud > Token Based Authentication.
– Useful for various integrations including SuiteApps.