NetSuite Tutorial | How To Void a Check in NetSuite

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this tutorial, Ron provides a comprehensive walkthrough on voiding a check within NetSuite, a vital process for maintaining accurate financial records.

Ron guides viewers through each step, starting with accessing the checks list within NetSuite’s interface. He then demonstrates the process of selecting a specific check and utilizing the void function effectively. Additionally, Ron offers detailed guidance on handling Reversing Journal entries, ensuring viewers understand the implications of this action. By emphasizing the importance of account reconciliation, Ron highlights how voiding a check impacts financial statements and balances. Moreover, viewers learn how to make necessary adjustments to transaction details before finalizing the voiding process, ensuring accuracy and completeness in their financial records.

Learn how to:

– Access the appropriate section within NetSuite for voiding checks.

– Select the check to be voided from the list of transactions.

– Verify the details of the check before proceeding with voiding.

– Confirm the void action and providing any necessary explanations or notes.

– Review the voided check to ensure it has been properly processed.

– Check updated financial records to reflect the voided transaction.