How to view invoices in NetSuite?

Ron Danenberg02:20

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to view the list of invoices in NetSuite, providing two methods for accessing this information efficiently.

Steps to View the List of Invoices

🔍 Method 1: Using the Menu:

  • Navigate through the Menu:
    • Go to: Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices > List.
  • Note:
    • The menu names in NetSuite can sometimes be confusing or not match exactly what you’re looking for. This is why using the search function might be more reliable.

🔍 Method 2: Using the Search Bar:

  • Use the Search Bar:
    • In the search bar, type page: invoices.
    • Important: The colon (:) tells NetSuite to search only among the pages, avoiding results from customers, references, payments, etc.
  • Access the Invoices Page:
    • Click on the “page: invoices” result to view the list of invoices.

Exploring the Invoices Page

📊 View and Customize Invoices:

  • Totals and Filters:
    • On the right, you can see the total number of invoices.
    • Use the filters to refine your search.
  • Sort and Export:
    • Sort the invoices by various criteria.
    • Export the list of invoices if needed.
  • Customize Your View:
    • Click on the “Edit View” button to customize the display.
    • Options:
      • Customize columns, reorder fields, and choose which data to display.
      • Make the view tailored to your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Viewing and customizing the list of invoices in NetSuite is straightforward and flexible, allowing you to access and manage your financial data efficiently.