NetSuite Tutorial | How to apply a payment to an Invoice in NetSuite

Jared Fisher
Jared Fisher
Head of Product, Kolleno linkedin url
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this tutorial, Jared will guide you through the process of applying a payment to an invoice in NetSuite.

We’ll delve into understanding crucial concepts like ‘applied’ and ‘unapplied’ balances, providing clarity on how these affect your financial records. Jared will demonstrate how to edit payment details and correctly select invoices for application, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have confidently linked your payment to its respective invoice, ensuring accuracy in your financial transactions.

Learn how to:

– Access the ‘Transactions’ menu in NetSuite.

– Navigate to ‘Customer Payments’.

– Locate the specific payment you want to apply.

– Understand ‘applied’ and ‘unapplied’ balances.

– Edit payment details if necessary.

– Select the correct invoices to apply payments.

– Confirm the application.

– Ensure accuracy in linking payment to the invoice.