New Filters, Smart Fields, Refunds, Automation

Ron Danenberg15 May 20242 mins
New Filters, Smart Fields, Refunds, Automation

The update introduces new Filters, Smart Fields for Templates, and enhanced NetSuite integration. Workflows now send emails/SMS immediately and show triggering record levels. Templates can send invoices without PDFs. Stripe payment refunds are now supported via Kolleno.

New Filters

Several new filters are available for you to understand your data and build workflows:

  • Customer Reference
  • Tags on Invoices
  • Tags on Credit Notes
  • Tags on Payment Charges
  • Direct Debit (GoCardless) failure reason codes
  • Balance overdue over a certain number of days at the Customer level

Smart Fields – Customer Address and Current Date Time

2 new Smart Fields to be used in your templates:
1) Customers’ Address

2) Any current date format in your company’s timezone

Have a look here to see all the extensive options.

NetSuite – Create Customer Refund from Payment Charge

You were already able to refund from the Credit Note level and automatically get Kolleno to create a Customer Refund object in NetSuite (as well as doing the refund), applied to the credit memo.

You can now do the same directly from the payment charge. When you do so, it first unapplies the Payment from the invoices then attach it to a new Customer Refund.

If you are not familiar with Customer Refunds in NetSuite, have a look here.

NetSuite – Get the “attention” for Customer level contact

You can import the contact details from the Customer level in NetSuite. YOu now have the option, on-demand, to replace the customer’s name as the cotnact’s name by the “Attention” field of the Customer’s address.

Workflows – Send Emails and Text Messages as soon as possible

All emails and text messages (SMS) can be automatically sent as soon as possible in your workflows, instead of waiting for a specific time.

Workflows – Showing the Levels

The list of workflows shows you the “Level” so you know what type of record if triggering each workflow.

Templates – Option to Send Invoices if PDF missing

When you send automated communications via the Workflows, you may decide for the template to include the invoices PDF. If the PDFs are not available (the ERP has a down-time or they are not created), it will not send until the PDFs are available again.

You can now decide to “Send if invoice PDFs are not available“.

Stripe – Refunds

In addition to Adyen and GoCardless, the option now exists for you to refund the Stripe payments done via Kolleno.