Product updates

Payments and NetSuite releases

We released a number of features, mostly focused on payments and NetSuite.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon July 13, 2023

Pending payment label

When making a payment via the Customer Payment Portal, the money can be received instantly, but sometimes, such as with ACH and ACSS, it can take time. In those cases, we have introduced a new status that tells the customer we know there is a payment in progress, and they don’t need to act.

Open Banking payments over 15k

It’s finally here: it is now possible to take Open Banking payments over 15,000! The payer will be asked for some KYC questions that are straightforward.

Better handling of NetSuite Invoices’ status

As per user’s feedback, we now exclude “rejected” and “pending” invoices coming from NetSuite. The “voided” ones are automatically marked as closed in Kolleno.

NetSuite: automatically set primary contacts

As NetSuite has the capacity to be customized a lot, many NetSuite users add custom fields. Some organizations may have a custom field to automatically mark a contact as the primary contact.

Kolleno has a new functionality where we can link the custom field from NetSuite to set contacts as primary in Kolleno by itself. This can be done on request.

New tag to add months to any date

A new tag has been released to add or subtract any number of months to any date in the templates.

For example, this would add one month to the due date of the invoice:

{{ invoices.0.date_due|add_months:"1" }}
Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno