NetSuite Tutorial | How to view invoices in NetSuite?

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this tutorial, Ron demonstrates how to view a list of invoices in NetSuite.

He covers two methods for accessing invoices: navigating through the Transactions and Sales menus and using the search bar with specific commands.

Ron also explains the customizable features of the invoice page, including sorting, filtering, exporting, and personalizing views. He notes the potential for menu name mismatches. Leave a comment with other NetSuite topics you want covered in future videos

Learn how to:

– Access NetSuite and navigating to the invoices section.

– Navigate through the Transactions and Sales Menu

– Use search functionality to find specific invoices.

– View invoice details, including payment status and itemized charges.

– Print or download invoices for record-keeping or sharing.

– Perform actions like editing, voiding, or sending reminders.

– Troubleshoot common issues.