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Customer Portfolios

Group your customers together in customer portfolios, and give granular access to your users.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon July 25, 2022

Glad to let you know we have released recently the Customer Portfolios.

What is it?

You can group clients together and assign users (account managers). It is different than Linked Customers, which are a way to link customers belonging to the same Holding.

Portfolios contain much more customers, for example: “Customers in the UK”, “Enterprise Customers”, etc.

Where do you access it?

In ‘Users & Permissions” you have a tab “Portfolios”.

Does it have permissions levels?

Yes, you can see in the screenshot above the toggle “Restrict users to only see the portfolios they are part of”.

That way, a credit controller/account manager, will only have access to a subset of customers, and nobody else (even the stats in the dashboard are restricted to customers they have access to).

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
author linkedin
CTO at Kolleno