New Reports page and other changes

Ron Danenberg31 May 20231 min

New Reports page

Thanks to incredible work from the tech team, the new reports page is live!

The old one:

The new one:

When you click on a category:

Open API: Customer Portal URL and List of Steps in the Timeline

As per user requests, we have added two Open API endpoints:

a) Get the Customer Portal URL:

b) Get the list of Steps in the Timeline – it contains the category/type of element and the date/time but not the actual content of the element:

For Emails/SMS sent, find the related Strategy from the timeline

When you see an SMS/Email sent by a Strategy in the timeline, you can now click on “Automated Strategy” to directly go to that strategy, see which one was used to send the communication:

Exclude from Strategies the Invoices with Promises to Pay

In strategies, you can now decide how to behave when there are promises to pay:

a) Skip all invoices if 1 promise to pay: if there is even just one single pending promise to pay on one invoice, all invoices will be skipped (ie. nothing sent to that Customer)

b) Skip promise to pay invoices only: the system will only skip invoices that are attached to a pending promise to pay

c) Skip none: do not take promises to pay into consideration