ACSS payments for Canada

Ron Danenberg30 Jan 20230 mins

Kolleno now handles one-time ACSS payments on the Customer Portal. This was a request from existing users, and matches our commitment to help you more with payments.

What is ACSS?

ACSS stands for Automated Clearing Settlement System. It is only for Canada, and also sometimes called Canadian pre-authorized debits. It is the equivalent of Direct Debit in the UK: to take money directly from your account.

Who is it for?

Only customers who have a Stripe accounts registered in Canada or the United States can use it. The invoices to pay have to be in either USD or CAD.

How do I activate it?


First, go on Stripe here:

And click on “Turn on” next to “Canadian pre-authorized debits”.


Go to Kolleno Payment settings and, next to Stripe, click on “Activate ACSS payments”:

How does it appear in the Customer Portal?