Product updates

Banners + new Template Tag + Reports download improvements

Banner notifications when data is importing or your integration disconnected. New tag to modify dates and better experience downloading reports.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon March 17, 2023

Banners when synchronizing or need to re-connect the integration

When a user first connects their data, we now show a banner that the data is synchronizing, so you don’t have to worry that the numbers are not matching yet.

Also, sometimes the external system you connected in your settings disconnected, and you need to reconnect it. We now alert you in the app, in addition to sending an email to the admins of the account:

The emails:

Tag to add days to any date

In the templates, we now have a tag to add any number of days to any date. For example, to add 2 days to the date when the invoice is due:

{{ invoices.0.date_due|plus_days:'2' }}

Report download improvements

When generating a report, you receive an email to download it. We have removed the cap that you need to do it within 12 hours. Now, you can do it at anytime as long as you are logged in the Platform.

We have also made the file names more user friendly.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno