Asynchronous emails sending + Stats refreshing faster

Ron Danenberg28 Sep 20220 mins

Send emails asynchronously

What does it mean? When clicking on “SEND” we used to send the email immediately, which sometimes took 20 to 30seconds during which the user couldn’t do anything else.

Thanks to the team’s hard work, when clicking on “SEND”, the emails will go in a “Sending” state, and Kolleno will send the email in the background. It is similar to an “Outbox” system you have in Outlook.

It means a much better User Experience (UX) for our users: less waiting and the feeling of seamless actions.

Stats updating much more frequently

When there were updates during the day, the dashboard updated the stats sometimes after a few hours (in the worst case scenarios). This has now changed, and the stats will update no more than 5minutes later. Again, better User Experience!