Send emails with 5 different methods

Ron Danenberg13 Apr 20231 min

Five (!) different ways to send emails

We now show in the settings all the different ways that emails can be send.

There are:

  1. Kolleno Email Account: every Company has by default an email address provided by Kolleno, such as:
  2. GMAIL: for all businesses hosting their emails on Google Workspace
  3. IMAP/SMTP: when the user has their own email server, or a more ‘obscure’ one this one will work.
  4. Microsoft Exchange: for all businesses hosting their emails on Microsoft 365
  5. Custom DNS: highly recommended for large businesses sending/receiving hundreds of emails a day. This involves participation from the engineering teams to setup on a subdomain from the client.

Almost all reports have the “Customer Chasing Status” filter

For almost every report, you can filter by Customers paused or not:

Payments received reports merged

The 3 payment received in the past 30/60/90 days reports have been merged in a single report where the user can enter the date range they want:

New ‘Strategy Actions’ report

This new report was a request from one of our clients. It contains the status of every Customer that is part of a Strategy (latest stage, next expected stage):

Breakdown in Notes notifying of a payment

When a payment is done via the Kolleno Customer Portal, we create a Note to notify the user. From now, if there is more than one invoice in this payment, we display the breakdown of the total amount assigned to each invoice in the Note: