NetSuite real-time synchronization, Customer Groups, and auto-detect payment method

Ron Danenberg09 Jul 20244 mins

We’re thrilled to share a series of powerful updates that will elevate your Kolleno experience. Our latest enhancements are designed to streamline your workflows, improve data management, and ensure seamless financial operations. Here’s a look at what’s new:

1. NetSuite real-time synchronization

We’re excited to introduce our latest enhancement: real-time synchronization with NetSuite.

Now, updates to customers, invoices, payments, credit memos, and contacts are reflected in Kolleno within just 3 minutes. This ensures your data is always accurate and up-to-date, giving you peace of mind.

Experience seamless financial operations and improved data management with our new feature. For more details, visit our Help Center.

2. NetSuite – detect deleted records

If you delete a record in NetSuite, Kolleno will reflect this.

  • CUSTOMER: the name has the text “[DELETED]” appended to the end, and the customer is marked as paused chasing.
  • CONTACT: it is marked as inactive, and if it is assigned to specific invoices, that relationship is deleted.
  • INVOICE: it gets marked as CLOSED.
  • PAYMENT: it is marked as VOIDED.
  • CREDIT MEMO/CREDIT NOTE: it is marked as VOIDED.

3. NetSuite Invoice PDF from custom field

Now, you can upload your own invoice PDFs directly into a custom ‘Document’ field on the Invoice form, which will be used instead of the NetSuite-generated PDF.

To activate this feature, simply share the internal ID of this field with your Kolleno customer success representative. This enhancement ensures your invoices can meet specific design and content requirements, improving the quality and personalization of your customer communications.

4. Kolleno AI suggests the next action

Introducing the Kolleno AI Task Manager Suggestions feature! This intelligent tool leverages artificial intelligence to recommend the next best course of action for each customer, saving you time and maximizing your impact.

By analyzing tasks and communications, Kolleno AI provides immediate, relevant actions, ensuring consistent follow-ups, reducing errors, and streamlining your workflows. Enhance your task management efficiency and effectiveness with Kolleno AI’s smart suggestions today.

5. Customer Groups Workflows

In addition to Customer and Invoice workflows, Kolleno offers you the possibility to communicate at the Customer Group level. As a reminder, a Customer Group is a group of customers linked together such as a holding or parent/child relationship.

6. Visibility of linked Customers in Customer Group

In the list of customers, you can click on the link icon and immediately see all the customers linked to the one you have selected. This new window also provides you visibility on the total breakdown of balance due and overdue.

7. Auto-detect payment method

By default, ‘Auto-detect‘ is selected for automatic payments. Kolleno will automatically choose the most recently added payment between card and direct debit.

8. Save Stripe card details for a one-off payment

When your customer makes a one-time payment, you may want to be able to save the payment details for future use.

If you wish to activate this feature, please contact your Kolleno customer success representative.

9. Email received workflow triggered based on the date assigned

The “New Email Received” trigger for workflows is activated based on the date the email was received. However, in some cases, the customer to whom the email should be assigned cannot be automatically detected. In this scenario, it falls under “Unassigned communications”.

When you manually assign the email, the email will then be considered as received from that moment, and therefore trigger the workflow, even though you may have assigned it only days after actually receiving it.

10. Decide whether to exclude Paused Invoices from Customer Portal

If you wish to exclude the invoices marked as “Paused from Chasing” from the Customer Portal, please contact your customer success representative who will activate this setting for you.

11. New Customers Filters of date of last action

We’re excited to introduce a set of new filters in Kolleno designed to give you deeper insights into your interactions with customers. These filters will help you track and manage communications and actions more effectively. Here’s what each new filter offers:

  • Date of Company Last Action: Tracks the most recent action taken by your company with a customer, ensuring you stay on top of your customer engagement.
  • Date of Company Last Communication: Logs the last time your company communicated with a customer, helping you maintain regular contact.
  • Date of Company Last Manual Communication: Specifically tracks the last manual (non-automated) communication, highlighting personalized customer interactions.
  • Date of Customer Last Action: Captures the most recent action taken by the customer, allowing you to respond promptly and appropriately.
  • Date of Customer Last Communication: Records the last time a customer communicated with your company, ensuring no message goes unanswered.
  • Date of Last Action (Both Company and Customer): Shows the most recent action between either party, giving a comprehensive view of recent interactions.
  • Date of Last Payment Received: Tracks the date of the last payment received from a customer, crucial for financial tracking and follow-ups.

These filters are designed to streamline your workflow and improve your ability to track, analyze, and respond to customer interactions. Start using these new filters today to enhance your customer management processes!