Dozens of new Filters

Ron Danenberg17 Aug 20230 mins

New Filters

The long-awaited new filters are here! Currently they are available on 2 pages: list of Customers, and list of Invoices.

There are multiple improvements coming with them:

  • Dozens of possible filters
  • You can use all the filters on all the tables. So if for example you want to filters the list of invoices based on whether the Customer has contact details, it is possible.
  • You can choose the operators you want to use on the filters: equal to, less than, greater than, contains, starts with, etc.
  • Completely new design: smaller, clearer, less invasive.

New tag for Credit Notes

We’ve added a new tag to include Credit Notes that have amount remaining to be allocated.

More information here:

Customer reference next to the name in Task Manager

Some users use a reference to refer to their Customers. We can now activate for them a feature to show it next to the name in the Task Manager.