Product updates

Open Banking payments, Xero contact groups and attached files

The whole tech team worked hard to deliver, as many of these features were a big requirement for some users. On the menu: open banking payments, Customer Portfolios (= Xero contact groups), Xero attached files, and Manual Actions in strategies.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
CTO at Kolleno
datepicker icon June 17, 2022

Open Banking Payments

We have released OPEN BANKING PAYMENTS for the UK!

a. In the settings, you can go here and click on “Bank account”.

b. You will then see a toggle “Open Banking”.

c. On the customers payment portal (as long as the payment is under 15,000) you will see the button to pay with Open Banking:

We will be working on extending this to payments above 15k and other countries.

Hey, while you’re here: since we published this product update, Open banking payments are available all across Europe and without any amount limit.

Xero Contact Groups – Customer Portfolios

For Xero users, we now import the contact groups, which we call “Customer Portfolios” in Kolleno. These are groups of customers, to easily find them per account manager.

This new filter is available on Actions Board, list of Customers, and list of Invoices pages

We are working on making this feature integration-agnostic (ie. not only for Xero users) + assign users to specific portfolios.

Import Xero files attached to invoices

For Xero users, you have in Xero the possibility to attach files to the invoices:

You can now attach them in Kolleno if “Send with invoice” was selected above:

This options is also available in templates (therefore strategies) and bulk communications.

Important: for this feature to work, you will need to disconnect Xero from the settings and re-connect.

Strategies manual Actions

For strategies, we have released the Manual action steps: enter a note, instruct user to make a call, send a letter, etc. as part of the strategy. Opening endless possibilities.

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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CTO at Kolleno