NetSuite Tutorial | How to install and uninstall SuiteApps

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

This video provides a concise guide on installing and uninstalling SuiteApps in NetSuite, starting with a search in the SuiteApp Marketplace for a specific app.

It emphasizes the importance of SuiteApps in enhancing NetSuite’s capabilities across various business functions like accounting and inventory management.

The video reassures about the security and approval process of SuiteApps by NetSuite, advocating for the use of approved applications.

It concludes with a brief overview of how to manage installed SuiteApps, highlighting the simplicity of the installation and management process.

Learn how to:

– Access SuiteApp marketplace in NetSuite.
– Search for desired SuiteApp, e.g., Kolleno.
– Ensure token-based authentication is enabled.
– Click “Install” and wait for validation.
– SuiteApps enhance core NetSuite capabilities.
– Install approved SuiteApps for security.
– Verify installation in Installed SuiteApp list.
– Uninstall SuiteApp by accessing Installed SuiteApp list.
– NetSuite follows rigorous approval process for SuiteApps.
– Uninstallation process may take some time.