NetSuite Tutorial | How to change NetSuite colour appearance?

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this quick tutorial, Ron explains how to personalize the NetSuite interface by changing the color theme. The process involves navigating to the home menu, selecting ‘Set Preferences’, then clicking on ‘Appearance’ within the submenu to access the color theme options.

It’s emphasized that such color adjustments are user-specific and do not affect other NetSuite users, highlighting the customization as a personal preference setting.

This simple change aims to enhance the user experience, potentially increasing work alertness or simply catering to personal aesthetic preferences.

Changing NetSuite Color Appearance:

– Access the home menu on the top left corner of the NetSuite interface.

– Click on “Set Preferences” within the home menu.

– Navigate to the “Appearance” submenu.

– Locate the “Color Theme” option.

– Choose your desired color from the available options.

– Save your selection to apply the new color theme.

– Note that the chosen color theme will only affect your personal interface and not other users’.

– Personalize your NetSuite interface with your preferred color to enhance your work experience.