How to Log Notes to existing Customers?

Ron Danenberg01:50

NetSuite Training Summary

In this video, Ron walks you through logging notes for customers in MyNetSuite. We’ll start on the customer page, where you’re likely already familiar with the layout I’ll direct you to the ‘user notes’ section at the bottom of the page, where we can add new notes. This feature is handy for recording various types of interactions, like details from phone calls or emails.

For instance, if you’ve discussed potential changes in purchase volumes with a customer, noting this can be crucial for future reference. I’ll show you how to add a title, specify the note type, and detail the interaction, including the date and whether it was incoming or outgoing. Saving this note will make it accessible at the bottom of the customer’s record, ensuring you and your team have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Using this tool effectively can enhance your collaborative efforts in managing accounts receivables.