The Basics of NetSuite Saved Searches

Ron Danenberg02:04

🚨 Problem: Creating detailed and specific reports in NetSuite can be challenging, especially when needing to filter through large sets of data. This tutorial will guide you through creating a complex search that can serve as a custom report.

  1. Navigate to Reports:
    • 📂 Go to the menu bar and select Reports > New Search.
  2. Choose Record Type:
    • 📋 Select the record type you need for your search. For most cases, “Transaction” is a common choice.
    • Click on “Transaction” to proceed.
  3. Set Filters:
    • 🧩 You will see a screen with all possible fields available on the transaction record.
    • Example Filter: Choose “Amount” and set it to filter for transactions greater than 1,000.
    • ➕ Add as many filters as needed by selecting fields one after the other.
  4. Submit the Search:
    • 💾 Once you have set your filters, click “Submit” to run the search.
  5. Review Results:
    • 📊 Check the results to ensure the data looks correct. You should see transactions above the specified amount (e.g., 1,000).
  6. Save the Search:
    • 🖊️ If you are satisfied with the results, save the search.
    • Name the Search: Give it a descriptive name, such as “Transactions Above 1000.”
    • Click “Save.”
  7. Access Saved Searches:
    • 🔍 To find your saved search, use the global search bar. Type the name of your search, e.g., transactions: 1000.
    • Alternative Access: Go to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches.
    • 📅 Sort by “Last Run” to find your most recent searches at the top.

Tips for Efficient Searches

  • Using Search Prefixes:
    • 🔎 Utilize search prefixes in the global search bar for quick access to saved searches and records.
  • Customization:
    • 🛠️ Customize your filters and fields based on the specific needs of your report for more precise data.

Final Thoughts

Creating a complex search in NetSuite is a straightforward process that allows you to generate detailed custom reports. By following these steps, you can efficiently filter and save important data, enhancing your reporting capabilities.