NetSuite Tutorial | How to apply a credit memo to an invoice in NetSuite?

Ron Danenberg
Ron Danenberg
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NetSuite Training Summary

In this concise tutorial, Ron demonstrates issuing a credit memo from an invoice in NetSuite. He selects an invoice, showcasing a due amount and item details, then opts for the “credit” option instead of “accept payment.” This action auto-fills the credit memo with the invoice’s data, including total amount and customer details.

Ron explains adjusting the credit for partial amounts or specific items by modifying the price level, amount, and quantities. Finalizing the process involves saving the credit memo, which automatically adjusts the invoice with the credited amount.

This straightforward method facilitates the application of credit memos directly from NetSuite invoices.

How to Apply Credit Memo to an Invoice:

– Access the invoice in NetSuite and select it.

– Instead of accepting payment, click on “Credit.”

– The system automatically populates invoice details into the credit memo.

– Review the information, including the total amount, customer details, and items.

– Adjust quantities or amounts if necessary for partial credit.

– Click “Save” to apply the credit memo to the invoice.

– The system deducts the credited amount from the invoice automatically.