How to add a contact in NetSuite

Ron Danenberg02:02

🚨 Problem: Adding new contacts in NetSuite is essential for maintaining up-to-date and organized customer and vendor information. This tutorial will guide you through the process of adding a new contact efficiently.

Steps to Add a New Contact

  1. Navigate to Contacts:
    • 📂 Go to: Lists > Relationships > Contacts > New.
  2. Select the Appropriate Form:
    • 📄 Depending on your NetSuite setup, you may have different forms available. Choose the appropriate form for adding a new contact.
  3. Fill in Contact Information:
    • 📝 Mandatory Fields: Fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*) as they are required.
    • Basic Details:
      • Name: Enter the contact’s full name (e.g., Hans S Brown). Ensure to use the first name, middle name, and surname fields to auto-populate correctly.
      • Subsidiary: Select the appropriate subsidiary that the contact will belong to.
    • Additional Information:
      • Communication: Log any communication history with the contact.
      • Addresses: Enter any relevant address details.
      • Marketing Information: Fill in any marketing-related details.
      • System Information: Mark the contact as inactive if they are no longer needed.
  4. Organize Data Correctly:
    • 📧 Ensure all data is correctly organized, especially if you need to sync with other systems like Kolleno for email and information management. Using the correct fields ensures data integrity.
  5. Save the Contact:
    • 💾 Once all information is filled in, click “Save” to add the new contact to NetSuite.

Tips for Efficient Contact Management

  • Detailed Entries:
    • 🖊️ Fill in as much detail as possible for each contact to ensure comprehensive records.
  • Use Correct Fields:
    • 📋 Use the specific name fields (first, middle, surname) to maintain consistent and accurate data.
  • Regular Updates:
    • 🔄 Regularly update contact information to keep your database current and useful.

Final Thoughts

Adding a new contact in NetSuite is a straightforward process, but ensuring that all information is accurate and complete will save time and improve data quality. Follow these steps to maintain an organized and efficient contact list.