Leverage Generative AI for Finance Teams

Djibrane Larrabure13 Sep 202358:14

Djibrane Larrabure

CFO at Kolleno
A graduate of McGill and Yale, spent 10+ years in the impact investing and consulting prior to joining Kolleno as CFO.

Jason Ross

VP Partnerships at Workiro
Jason spent over 20 years delivering complex IT projects across organizations, building an expertise in leveraging technology to increase productivity.

Francis Yates

Director of Risk at BDO
Francis helps BDO clients to embrace the benefits of a rapidly evolving technology to drive change across Finance and Technology functions.

About the Webinar

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is crucial for finance teams to stay abreast of Generative AI advancements to effectively leverage its potential for automating repetitive tasks, enhancing data analysis, and ultimately boosting productivity in financial operations.

What you will learn

✔ The role of Generative AI in helping modern finance teams

✔ Practical applications to boost productivity for finance teams

✔ The direction and outlook for AI development in 2024 and beyond