The Full Tech Stack For The Modern Law Firm

Djibrane Larrabure06 Mar 202446:44

Djibrane Larrabure

CFO at Kolleno
A graduate of McGill and Yale, spent 10+ years in the impact investing and consulting prior to joining Kolleno as CFO.

Mickey Wong

Operations Consultant
Mickey is an expert in streamlining workflows and decreasing operational costs for law firms.

Jay Barrett

Partner Marketing at Clio
Jay has a deep understanding of the daily obstacles legal practices face and is an expert in overcoming them.

Adam Dennis

Partnerships Manager at Clio
Adam is an expert in operational efficiency and has worked closely with SaaS users.

About the Webinar

Selecting and implementing new technologies into your operations can be daunting. The potential to improve efficiency is undeniable; however, without the right approach these decisions can also lead to disruptions to your operations. To avoid this, join our webinar and gain insights on smart decision-making and practical tools from industry experts who understands the challenges you face.

What you will learn

✔ The role of technology in efficient daily operations

✔ Practical applications of smart tools for legal practices

✔ Strategies for remaining lean and efficient in your operations