Calculate the ROI of Finance Automation

featured Djibrane Larrabure10 Apr 202455:00

Djibrane Larrabure

CFO at Kolleno
A graduate of McGill and Yale, Djibrane spent several years in the impact investing and consulting industries prior to joining Kolleno as CFO. Bringing 10+ yeas of experience, he is an expert in financial operations efficiency.

Chris Wallace

Solutions Consultant at Payem
Solutions Engineer at PayEm with extensive experience in FP&A. His career began with managing budgets and P&Ls for large-scale projects, combining financial acumen with technical knowledge to deliver impactful solutions.

About the Webinar

This webinar is crucial for finance professionals aiming to optimise their operations and effectively evaluate the impact of financial automation. We will be delving into various methods and strategies to calculate the ROI of implementing finance tools, including quantifying efficiency gains, cost savings, error reduction, and improved cash flow management. Watch it now to assess whether investing in finance automation solutions is the right decision for you and your business.

What you will learn

✔ Discover Why You May Need Finance Automation Solutions

✔ Explore Various Approaches to Calculating ROI

✔ Showcase Frameworks to Assess Suitability for Your Business