Accounts Receivable Management 101

Djibrane Larrabure13 Nov 202342:42

Djibrane Larrabure

CFO at Kolleno
A graduate of McGill and Yale, spent 10+ years in the impact investing and consulting prior to joining Kolleno as CFO.

Alex Jarosz

Legal Director at Fusion
Prior joining Fusion, Alex spent over a decade building her expertise in a variety of commercial law areas.

About the Webinar

During our webinar we will delve into strategies for leveraging new technologies for AR management, staying updated on current and emerging regulations for compliance, and navigating the future landscape with confidence and expertise

What you will learn

✔ Legal Compliance in Accounts Receivable Management

✔ Leveraging Technology for Process Optimisation

✔ Navigating Trends in Compliance and Technological Advancements