Zerem Electrical: Powering Cash Flow and AR Management with Kolleno

With David Zafrani, Director at Zerem Electrical
Zerem Electrical: Powering Cash Flow and AR Management with Kolleno


Reduction in overdue payments in the first 5 months


improvement in cashflow in the first 3 months


decrease in time spent chasing in the first month
Zerem Electrical is a Toronto-based construction company serving private and government clients in the field of high-rise residential construction, public transit infrastructure and subsidised residential buildings.

We had a fascinating conversation with David Zafrani, Director at Zerem Electrical, about their approach to handling finances, maintaining strong client relationships, and tackling daily challenges in the high-rise residential construction, public transit infrastructure, and upgrade projects for subsidized residential buildings.

Zerem Electrical is a GTA-based contractor serving private clients and government bodies across southern Ontario. Their primary specialties are high-rise residential construction, public transit infrastructure, and upgrade projects at subsidized residential buildings. With a focus on providing reliable and efficient electrical solutions, Zerem Electrical has become a trusted partner for a wide range of clients.

As Zerem Electrical’s client base and project portfolio expanded, they faced increasing difficulties in managing their accounts receivable. Late payments and unresponsive clients negatively impacted their cash flow, restricting their ability to invest in new equipment and workforce development. Additionally, tracking, and reconciling invoices became a time-consuming task that diverted resources from their core business.

Zerem Electrical chose Kolleno’s accounts receivable management solution to streamline their invoicing and payment processes. The customer payment portal facilitated easy access to and payment of invoices for clients, while the template creation feature allowed Zerem Electrical to design customised invoices for their diverse projects. Kolleno’s comprehensive reporting tools offered valuable insights into client payment behaviours, enabling the company to proactively address issues and improve cash flow management.

After implementing Kolleno, Zerem Electrical experienced a 38% decrease in overdue payments within the first five months, leading to a 31% increase in cash flow stability. This allowed the company to invest in expanding their service offerings and supporting workforce development. The time spent managing accounts receivable was reduced by 34%, freeing up the team to focus on delivering high-quality electrical solutions.

Zerem Electrical’s collaboration with Kolleno has significantly improved their accounts receivable management and cash flow, enabling them to better manage their growing business. By simplifying payment processes and gaining valuable insights through Kolleno’s platform, Zerem Electrical has been able to concentrate on providing exceptional electrical services to their clients. The positive impact on their cash flow and time management has not only contributed to the company’s ongoing success but has also paved the way for future growth and expansion.

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