Avery Law uses Kolleno for AR management and all payments related communication

With David Turney, Co-founder and Partner at Avery Law
Avery Law uses Kolleno for AR management and all payments related communication


Reduction in 90+ days balance overdue in the first 3 months


Reduction in number of invoices overdue in the first 3 months


Reduction in median days late in the first 3 months
Avery Law is a redefining boutique law firm for the changing legal marketplace.
London, United Kingdom

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We had an insightful conversation with David Turney, Partner at Avery Law, about her journey in addressing financial challenges, fostering strong client relationships, and overcoming daily obstacles in a rapidly growing boutique law firm.

Avery Law is a redefining boutique law firm for the changing legal marketplace. With a resolute focus on corporate, commercial, and banking services, they provide tailored legal solutions to businesses and individuals. Their experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to delivering high-quality legal services, ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcomes.

As Avery Law experienced rapid growth, they encountered increasing difficulties with managing their accounts receivable. The firm was dealing with a rising number of late payments and unresponsive clients, which negatively impacted their cash flow and hindered their ability to invest in business development and staff expansion. Additionally, the time-consuming process of tracking and reconciling invoices was detracting from the team’s ability to focus on providing exceptional legal services.

Avery Law turned to Kolleno’s accounts receivable management solution to streamline their invoicing and payment processes. The customer payment portal enabled clients to conveniently access their invoices and make payments, while the template creation feature allowed the firm to design customised invoices that catered to their specific legal services. Kolleno’s comprehensive reporting tools provided Avery Law with valuable insights into their clients’ payment behaviours, empowering the firm to address issues proactively and improve cash flow management.

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Following the implementation of Kolleno, Avery Law saw a 38% decrease in overdue payments within the first six months. This led to a 28% improvement in cash flow stability, allowing the firm to invest in new service offerings, staff development, and business expansion. The time spent on managing accounts receivable was reduced by 35%, enabling the team to refocus their efforts on delivering high-quality legal services and nurturing client relationships.

Avery Law’s collaboration with Kolleno has been a game-changer, enabling the firm to effectively manage their accounts receivable and significantly improve their cash flow. The streamlined payment processes and valuable insights gained through the platform have allowed the firm to concentrate on what they do best – providing outstanding legal services to their clients. The positive impact on their cash flow and time management has not only contributed to the continued success of their practice but has also set the stage for future growth and expansion.



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