Splento Leverages Kolleno to Streamline AR Processes and Boost Cash Flow

With Gemma Nevers, General Manager at Splento
Splento Leverages Kolleno to Streamline AR Processes and Boost Cash Flow


Reduction in overdue payments in the first 6 months


improvement in cashflow in the first 3 months


decrease in time spent chasing in the first 2 months
Splento provides professional photography and videography around the world. No binding contracts, no minimum spends.
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We had an insightful conversation with Gemma Nevers, CEO at Splento, about their strategies for managing finances, cultivating strong client relationships, and tackling everyday challenges in the professional photography and videography industry

Splento is a global provider of on-demand professional photography and videography services. With a commitment to quality and flexibility, Splento offers no binding contracts or minimum spends, allowing clients to book online or via API/CRM and receive same-day delivery. Serving a wide range of industries, Splento has become a go-to solution for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality visual content.

As Splento expanded their services worldwide, they encountered growing challenges in managing their accounts receivable. Late payments and unresponsive clients adversely impacted their cash flow, hindering their ability to invest in platform development and customer support. Furthermore, the time-consuming process of tracking and reconciling invoices detracted from their core mission of delivering exceptional photography and videography services.

Splento turned to Kolleno’s accounts receivable management solution to optimise their invoicing and payment processes. The customer payment portal simplified the payment experience for clients, while the template creation feature enabled Splento to design customised invoices that aligned with their diverse services. Kolleno’s advanced reporting tools provided valuable insights into client payment behaviours, empowering Splento to proactively address issues and enhance cash flow management.

With Kolleno’s help, Splento saw a 38% reduction in overdue payments within the first six months, leading to a 30% improvement in cash flow stability. This allowed the company to invest in expanding their services and enhancing the client experience. The time spent on managing accounts receivable decreased by 33%, enabling Splento to focus on delivering top-notch photography and videography services.

Splento’s partnership with Kolleno has had a significant positive impact on their accounts receivable management and cash flow. By streamlining payment processes and leveraging Kolleno’s insights into client payment behaviours, Splento has been able to concentrate on providing unparalleled services to their clients. The improvements in cash flow and time management have not only contributed to Splento’s ongoing success but have also laid the groundwork for future growth and expansion.

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