NES Security Optimises Financial Operations with Kolleno

With Rachel Walzen, Accounts Manager at NES Security
NES Security Optimises Financial Operations with Kolleno


reduction in overdue balance in the first 3 months


reduction in median days late in the first 3 months

7.4 hours

of work saved each week in the first 3 months
NES Security provides cutting-edge security and technology systems
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We had an insightful conversation with Rachel Walzer, Accounts Manager at NES Security, discussing her strategies for managing their finances, achieving process efficiency, and overcoming challenges in the facilities management industry.

NES Security is a leading installation firm headquartered in London. They specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of security and technology systems with years of experience. Their growing customer base consisted of commercial, residential and retail properties, including large scale multiple developments and warehouses. However, as the firm’s operations continued to expand, they encountered common challenges faced by growing firms, including maintaining visibility and effectively managing collections for overdue payments.

As a growing company, NES Security found it increasingly tedious and costly to monitor and pursue overdue payments. Thus, centralising communications with clients and reducing past due amounts became a top priority. 

In search of a solution, NES Security selected Kolleno due to its seamless integration with Quickbooks, customisable communication workflows, and easy-to-use interface. The platform offered a concise and streamlined credit control processes and a centralised source of information for the firm’s finance team. Through automated workflows, reconciliation, and task manager, Kolleno saved the team significant time and enabled them to be more effective in their collections. Rachel added, “Kolleno’s impact has been a streamlined, automated, and smoother process of chasing customers.”

The implementation of Kolleno played a crucial role in enhancing NES Security’s efficiency and reducing overdue amounts. With Kolleno, NES Security reduced their overdue balance by 38% and median days late by 46%. Additionally, the platform’s automation saved the finance team an average of 7.4 hours per week. Rachel reflected, “It’s not all abstract, it’s all in the system.”

“Kolleno has made my life a lot easier. It saves effort. You simply can’t do what an automated system can do.
Rachel Walzer Accounts Manager, NES Security

The implementation of Kolleno at NES Security has transformed their approach to accounts receivable management. With Kolleno, they streamline client communications and internal processes, achieving greater efficiency. As a result, they can now redirect their efforts toward their core strength—delivering top-tier services.

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