Driving Business Decisions: How to Calculate the ROI of Finance Automation?

During our webinar, we will:

✔ Discover Why You May Need Finance Automation Solutions

✔ Explore Various Approaches to Calculating ROI

✔ Showcase Frameworks to Assess Suitability for Your Business

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This webinar is crucial for finance professionals aiming to optimise their operations and effectively evaluate the impact of financial automation. We will be delving into various methods and strategies to calculate the ROI of implementing finance tools, including quantifying efficiency gains, cost savings, error reduction, and improved cash flow management. Join us to assess whether investing in finance automation solutions is the right decision for you and your business.

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Why is this important?

Are workflows the right solution for you?

With Kolleno you can discover how to:

•   Structure your day-to-day operations robustly

•   Enhance the productivity of your team

•   Increase visibility of your financial position and operations

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Are workflows the right solution for you?

Want to learn more about PayEm?

Find out more about PayEm including:

Intuitive, user-centric spend management

Customisable tools with AI-powered efficiency

Real-time budget visibility and control

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Want to learn more about PayEm?

Learn why clients choose automation

  • Achieving cost savings through process optimisation
  • Saving the team an equivalent of 2 days of work per week
  • Ability to refocus time and energy on what really matters
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